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Study GuideCheapest Universities in the UK

Cheapest Universities in the UK

For those of you, who are considering the option of studying in the UK for postgraduate or undergraduate courses, you should be aware that the tuition fee is a significant concern. It is a well-known fact that British universities have some of the most expensive colleges accredited. Though the statement is partially correct, British education is costly. Most of the money goes for living expenses, so the total money you have to pay is outrageous.

The UK is one of the most expensive countries to pursue a degree. But this fact should not deter you from harbouring a dream to visit the place for academic reasons. In this article, we will inform you about the cheapest universities in the UK. The tuition fee at most colleges is very expensive for international students, compared to European or British residents. The good news is, there are still a few affordable colleges.

Don’t ever think that the low tuition costs of these colleges make them any less academically oriented. They produce equally commendable results and boast of some of the best teaching staff too. Finding inexpensive universities in the country has become easier after 2017, as some universities decided to charge the same fees from both the local students and the international ones. Thus, you can understand that one of the ways by which you can save money and yet not compromise on the quality of education is to look out for some low cost university in the UK.

How much does it cost to study in the UK?

If you wish to pursue your study in the UK,the cost calculation should be done beforehand. The fees calculated depend on the University and the location preference of the student. The international or the non-EU students can expect to pay a huge payment starting from £10 000 to £33 000.

Considering accommodation and other mandatory charges, the price can increase to about £18 000 a year. Again, the city housing the University also has a role to play. London will be more expensive than Loughborough. It is also possible that the international students study at nominal costs or even for free.

For free admissions, you have to research universities offering scholarships. Learn more about them much in advance and apply. Sometimes, the government of the country, from where the student comes, also provides scholarships to deserving students. Try and be one of those. 

If not free, you can at least search for budget universities in the UK and apply.Staffordshire University If science and its amazing discoveries fascinate you; you can opt for Staffordshire University. Many programmes and departments of this University often feature in the top 10 in the country. The University has also ranked among the top 100 in the UK for many years at a stretch. Fees for different classes vary from £ 14000 to £15500.

1: Leeds Beckett University

If a blend of quality education and affordable prices is what you are looking for, try taking admission to Leeds Beckett University. The University has tie-ups with different organisations and companies in order to place the students once their studies are over. Also, the University is known for offering one of the lowest tuition fees. The fee range varies from £ 11000 to £ 14000.

2: Leeds Trinity University

Leeds Trinity University has featured in the top 10% of all the UK universities, umpteen times, for excellence in teaching. The best part of taking admission into this college is that most undergraduate courses witness 100% satisfactory results. The University is also one of the safest places to receive education, with discipline being of utmost importance. The fees asked for varies from £ 11000 to £ 12500.

3: Teesside University

Another university to be a consistent performer in the university rankings of the UK is Teesside University. It is one of the most affordable universities of UK. It is the only institution and the first one to be named the Times Higher Education University of the year. Boasting teaching excellence of around eight decades, the University also offers £ 1500 worth of scholarships. The fee to be paid varies from £11750 to £13000.

4: The University of Bolton

If you want to be a trendsetter and do something big in an unconventional field, the University of Bolton is perfect for you. It has unique courses like Special and Visual Effects for Film and TV. There are plenty of other vocational courses and academic courses too. With 14000 students and more than 700 professional and academic staff, you can well imagine this University’s popularity. The fees start from as low as £4250 and go to £12715. With the above list of colleges, you can very well imagine that your dream to study in the UK will not be hindered just because of high tuition fees.

Conclusion: Many of you might aspire to set your feet on the lands of Queens and Kings, to study there. However, getting in might not be easy, especially if you choose a university with steep tuition fees. Why not go to a low-cost university in the UK, and graduate from there?


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