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Study GuideHow to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad

How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad

Scholarships to study abroad

Overseas education is undoubtedly an expensive affair. But are you ready to give up on your dreams? Give up before sitting in the lecture hall of your dream university? Give up before flaunting your graduation cap? It’s a risky task to get hold of proper financial support and plan your future abroad. To guide you in your search, here is a list of 5 top scholarships to study abroad:

1: Fulbright Scholarships: This prestigious scholarship program is the flagship exchange program between the USA and 155 different countries. Fulbright can be one of the best choices of scholarships for Indian students keeping in mind the rate of globalization taking place in the community. More than 15,000 scholarships are awarded to students all over the world who aspire to pursue their master’s degree or Ph.D. from the United States.

2: Chevening Scholarship: The flagship global program of the British Government is awarded to students from diverse pockets of the globe to pursue their studies in the United Kingdom. Being a land of centuries-old distinguished universities, a million applications are received each year from over 130 different countries. But only around 1500 scholarships are awarded to exceptional minds for their postgraduation degree.

3: Australia Awards Scholarship: This particular program is a boon for the students residing in developing counties, especially those located in the Indo-Pacific region. Students can manage their overseas education to Australian Universities by participating in the program.

4: Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program: Yes, we are talking about a scholarship program in France! Eiffel Excellence awards scholarships to students from over 150 different countries for their master’s degree and Ph.D. courses into the diverse range of participating French Universities. The distinct advantage of this program is that students get monthly allowances (though tuitions fees are not included).

5: Orange Tulip Scholarship: Orange Tulip Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships offered to Indian students who aspire to pursue their Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in the universities of the Netherlands. Though this program is arranged by the Indian Government, for Indian students ONLY. The applicants must be in the enrollment scheme in the Netherlands or admitted to a Dutch University to avail this scholarship program. There are a whole lot of scholarship programs available in the basket for every kind of aspirant. One needs to conduct thorough research to sieve their kind of program; and if you are passionate about your chosen stream, the luck is in your favor.

How to get a suitable study abroad scholarship Your quest for a suitable scholarship should not be a troublemaker. Here’s a handy guide to kickstart your research:

a)- Narrow down your searches: After selecting your course for the degree start looking for the different scholarship schemes provided by the Government of the country you are planning on. The next step is digging out the scholarships provided by the particular universities. Narrow down your search to 3-4 scholarship schemes and read about the eligibility criteria of each program. Also, look whether the University of your Choice provided any subject-specific and nationality-specific scholarship. For instance, the Government of Germany has different scholarship patterns for students coming from diverse fields.

b)- Find out the scholarship(s) you’re eligible for: Once you segregate the most suitable schemes for you, the next step is knowing their eligibility criteria. Most of the scholarships for overseas education require you to excel in your curriculum with a preference for internship exposure. Build up your profile if you have time before applying for the scholarship. If not, ONLY apply for the scholarships when you are eligible. We cannot afford to waste our time and money on a lost cause.

c)- Dig deeper: After you decide on applying for a particular scholarship, it’s time to dig deeper into the matter. Know about the provider of the scholarship, the benefits the scholarship will grant, whether or not it covers the tuition fees of your chosen university, the duration of the scholarship, renewal policies, along all the other things that comes to your mind. Also, be prepared to show evidence of your qualifying criteria. Do not delay in applying for the scholarship once the required documents are ready.

d)- Repeat (if needed): Sometimes scholarships are not granted to the students on their first attempt. Don’t get disheartened. The good news is you can take as many attempts as needed in most cases. Go for a second round. The research you did in your previous application will come in handy this time. If your scholarship is merit-based, keep your mark sheets and certificates close. Along with that keep looking for other scholarships that will serve your purpose.

Preparation for your journey to study abroad starts with proper research. Be accustomed to the scholarship policies of different countries. The universities of your choice are also awarding a diverse range of scholarships to their international students. The Orange Tulip Scholarship is particularly famous among Indian students. The program offers scholarships to more than 1000 exceptional minds of India to pursue their graduation and post-graduation abroad. Similarly, if you are dreaming about a career in architecture, France is the best stop. Go on, do your research and apply for the most suitable scholarship for your overseas education.


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