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Overseas StudyBest Countries to Study Abroad

Best Countries to Study Abroad

Why studying abroad is a wise career choice?

The manifold advantages of studying abroad cannot be described by mere articles. From being an attractive factor for employers to developing a dynamic outlook in the multicultural world, studying abroad comes with its set of pros and cons. The need to study abroad is more than ever in this increasingly globalized world. Here are 5 prime factors that will benefit your education and career abroad:

  1. Widen the range of experience: Each country has its unique mark in the field of education. The three distinct styles of teaching are authority style, facilitator type, and delegator style. Students gain exposure to each form of teaching during their time abroad; and, undoubtedly, each form of teaching leaves an impact on the learners. The knowledge of different teaching styles in different countries helps them adapt to their particular culture efficiently.
  2. Broadening the network: studying abroad gives you multicultural exposure. The exchange program of the universities is the cherry on top. You interact with people coming from different cultural backgrounds and you learn during the term together. In today’s global community broadening one’s network brings opportunities to develop a rich career.
  3. Enhanced leadership skills: Having multicultural exposure makes you aware of the various crucial characteristics of each culture. This factor is advantageous in developing a refined leadership quality. One learns to communicate with their team members effectively and inspire them to achieve the shared goal of the organization. It has also been observed that having global exposure develops the student’s public speaking skills as well as negotiation skills.
  4. Cross-cultural awareness: During the time we spend abroad, we learn to see from another perspective, gain new experiences, adapt to the new world’s values, and become aware of diverse cultural backgrounds. Being cognizant of other people’s perspectives is a precious gift.
  5. Career opportunities: Studying abroad will bombard you with a million different career options during and after your completion of the chosen degree. The research opportunities are ample along with different scholarships for the international students.

Now, if the WHY of your query is satisfied, let’s move on to the next part.

Where to study abroad? Students normally go to universities abroad during their graduate level. Though any stage of education is considered to be crucial, the graduate level is a pivotal point in anyone’s career. Here are the 5 best countries where you can pursue your graduate-level studies:


And this may be the most discussed topic for the aspirants. Let us bust some myths about studying in Germany first.

  • The Government abolished international fees in all the public universities of Germany.
  • Some of the constituent states re-established the international fees in their universities. But such administration fees remain to be much lower than the international fees of other countries.
  • International fees are still applicable for the private colleges in Germany. The amount of the fees may differ based on the student’s nationality and chosen course.

Thus, “free education” in Germany does not mean that you will not have to spend a single penny for your degree. It means you are only required to pay the administrative fees for the University along with the public transportation cost. Though the semester fees the students have to pay are meager and no one needs to pay for the classes themselves, it can be rightfully said that education is “cheaper” than most other countries here.

United Kingdom:

Apart from housing century-old prestigious universities of the world, the British land is a central figure in the global village we experience in today’s world. And getting into one of the universities of the UK will be a shining milestone in the student’s life. The following are some of the crucial benefits that are offered to the students of the British universities:

  • A wide range of courses available for the aspirants to choose from;
  • The duration of the course in the UK is shorter than in the other countries. This, in turn, reels down the bulk amount of tuition fees and accommodation costs for the students;
  • The degrees are amalgamated with multiple subjects and presented with a single course. The students after the completion of their degree can choose to pursue their higher studies in multiple dimensions.

The scholarship programs offered by the Government of the UK are magnetic. The Felix Scholarship is specially designed for Indian students enabling them to pursue their graduation and post-graduation from the universities of the UK. The numerous grants and fellowship programs provided by different universities are a major aid to enhance the research facilities of the country.


One of the most popular abroad destinations for Indian students. The colleges provide work-integrated study programs for international students which helps the students to support their living in a foreign land. The students may opt for working on-campus on a part-time basis. This allows them to work for almost 20 hours a week. Imagine getting genuine work exposure while pursuing your dream course! Canada is most sought after by the students wanting to pursue their careers in engineering, biotechnology, and animation along with other courses. The cost of education is also lower in Canada. The international students may apply for various scholarship programs before or after starting their course in Canada.


Pursuing the dream degree in Lion City is on the to-do list of a lot of aspirants. Singapore is also the favorite overseas study destination for management students from all over the world. Let us see what Singapore can offer to its students:

  • The Government of the country pays 75% of the tuition fees for you. The condition is you will have to work for 3 years in the country after the completion of your degree. And it is a win-win situation! You have a foreign degree and JOB EXPERIENCE!
  • The exchange programs offered by the universities in Singapore will provide you will opportunities to gather internship and job experiences in other countries in their program.
  • Every year talents hunt examination is conducted by the universities of Singapore to sieve the exceptional talents from foreign lands. Yes! Such exams are conducted in India as well. Hurry and apply.

New Zealand:

During recent years, students are observed to be actively looking for opportunities to study in the Universities of New Zealand. The country has been found to provide exceptional career opportunities in the fields of horticulture, dairy techs, marine sciences, forensic matters, along with other courses. New Zealand is also considered to be adapting at the fastest pace in digitalizing its educational system. A perfect combination for the growing minds! The international students are given a cut on their tuition fees based on their nationality and some other factors categorized by different universities.


Studying in France is a dream for artists from all over the world. The country holds more than 35,000 educational institutions including private and public universities and Grandes Ecoles. The students may opt from a diverse collection of courses including law, political science, architecture, etc. to start with. The Government of the country has scholarship programs for the students performing consistently for a couple of years. Apart from that, international students may apply for scholarships.


Preparing to pursue your next career goal from a foreign land is a huge challenge. Researching is the first step to preparing for that. Try to accumulate all the information about your dream university and the courses they offer. Germany remains to be the land of exceptional minds. The education programs are most affordable for international students. Canada comes with a thousand different career opportunities for its students. Students opting for Singapore will come back with a good job experience. The global community is more welcoming than ever. The next step is overseas!


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