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Top UniversityBest Foreign Universities for Indian Students

Best Foreign Universities for Indian Students

Best Foreign Universities for Indian Students

Every year a good proportion of Indian students wish to pursue their higher education from foreign universities. Unfortunately, a lot of the aspirants could not board their airplane as something or the other creates trouble. Read on to know what you can do to identify the red flags in your preparation for your dream venture and the research effectively. Let us start with a list of the best foreign universities for Indian students.

List of best foreign universities for Indian students in 2022

India, the land of exceptional minds, is a throbbing member of the global village now. The eminent universities in the land of India are providing outstanding exchange programs to more than 150 different countries in the world. During this era of globalization, going for overseas education sounds like a wise choice. The first question the aspirants have to come through is WHERE? Well, the top 5 ranking of the following Universities may serve your query:

  1. University of Oxford: Undoubtedly, the centuries-old heritage has to take over the others. The University of Oxford is ranked 5th in the Global ranking. Oxford is the highest-ranked University in the United Kingdom. The University has a separate scheme of scholarship for Indian students- the FELIX SCHOLARSHIP which has been enacted since 1991. This scholarship is awarded to the Indian students to pursue their graduation in any subject from the University of Oxford, the University of Reading, and the School of Orientation and African Studies, University of London (SOAS). The Felix scholarship comes with three distinct advantages to the students:
    • Felix covers 100% of the course fees required for the chosen degree;
    • The Indian students are given a grant for their living costs which is almost 16,000 Pound Sterling (which is approximately 1,599,680 INR)
    • The scholarship bears the expense of your ONE return journey to India from the United Kingdom.
  2. University of Cambridge: As usual, the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford hustle for the rank 1. The University of Cambridge has been ranked 7th in the Global ranking of universities. However, in the British land, Cambridge is placed above any other universities for their exceptional academic records and employee reputation. A whole different society names Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) has been established in New Delhi, India to aid the overseas education for the aspirants. Society bears the partly expenses for different degrees like graduation, post-graduation, diploma courses, along with others for the students. The society awards a scholarship of more than 2,00,000 INR for the Indian students aspiring to pursue their degrees abroad. This one-time scholarship supports the students to start their journey into the lecture halls of the age-old prestigious university.
  3. Imperial College London: The Imperial College London is awarded 8th position in the global ranking of universities. Imperial is known for its outstanding set of faculties and is one of the frequently cited research works in the world. The Imperial College is renowned for its graduate programs in aeronautical engineering, biochemistry, chemical engineering, civil engineering, Earth and Planetary science along with a bunch of other subjects. The courses come with at least one semester of an exchange program. Well, the common Indian households might hold back from getting a quick admission to the overseas countries for the higher education of the child even when their qualifications and academic records are exceptionally eye-catching. Get a grip on your research on the available scholarships! The century-old Rhodes Scholarship offers scholarships to international students aspiring to pursue their graduation or post-graduation from the esteemed universities of the UK. And there’s more in the box for the Indian aspirants- 5 vacancies are reserved for the Indian students to grab. Read about the eligibility criteria and pack your bags!
  4. Technical University Munich: Germany is the favorite abroad study destination for Indian students and has good reasons. The students pursuing their degree from the Universities of Germany are exempted from all the charges of the course other than the administrative charge, which by the way is meager. The Technical University of Munich is designated the first place in the list of top universities of Germany and is ranked 50th globally. Though in terms of employee reputation, the University ranks 17th in the world. Students from diverse locations scattered around the globe apply for different courses in the University. Indian students mostly apply for pursuing their graduation degree in engineering, preferably after appearing and clearing their Joint Entrance Exam and IIT entrance test. The name of the University is often taken in the academic circle for its cutting-edge researches and dynamic learning facilities.
  5. University of Toronto: The University of Toronto is famous for its close ties with Indian students. Every year a good proportion of Indian students apply to the University of Toronto to pursue their higher studies. The outstanding global ranking, inclusive curriculum, and multicultural exposure to the students make the University of Toronto a preferable choice for the students. During the terms of the chosen course, the international students are provided opportunities for working on- or off-campus to support their living. The Government of Canada gives away extraordinary scholarships to the students of the country’s universities. Apart from the scholarship programs, the Government provides working opportunities for the students after the completion of their chosen course. What can be better than a foreign degree AND job exposure in a foreign land!

There are uncountable advantages of having a foreign degree for us. Apart from being a major attraction in your CV, studying in a foreign university gives you multicultural exposure, pronounced leadership skills, and problem-solving capacity. It amends the crucial edges of your personality. The first step is choosing a suitable University for your next course. The internet is overflowing with lists of the best universities in diverse ranges of the globe. One of the vital details we need to simultaneously dig for is the scholarship opportunities in the foreign land.

The University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are providing a handful of such opportunities for Indian students to pursue their degrees in any subject along with other international aspirants. Germany is considered to be a dream destination for scholars. Just keep the administrative charges handy and you are good to go. Sieving through the various technicalities and procedures is essential to board your plane to the dream country!


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